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3D Artist


Created during my MFA studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design, these models represent 2 projects related to the American Civil War. As a game artist, I created models for an interactive re-creation of the Battle of Fort McAllister (1863). For my MFA thesis, I researched artifacts from the Civil War and digitally restored them to what they might have looked like in the 1860s. 




Game Art


Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Substance 3D

Battle of Fort McAllister Models

USS Montauk Lifeboat

This lifeboat was created using original patent paperwork from 1858 for an interactive battle re-creation of the Battle of Fort McCallister (1863). Originally, this lifeboat was only depicted in a very small painting created many years after the battle. The USS Montauk was a Union Ironclad that sunk the CSS Rattlesnake. This lifeboat would have been towed behind the ship during transit or battle.

Fort McCallister Soldier Dwelling

This American Civil War soldier dwelling was modeled for an interactive battle re-creation of the Battle of Fort McCallister (1863). Soldiers would take standard-issue tents, and “winterize” them by adding timber foundations, doors, and even chimneys for long, cold winter months. This particular model is created in a modular fashion, allowing for different configurations of the dwelling to fill the environment.

MFA Thesis Models

Damaged and Undamaged Pipe

This pipe was heavily damaged and missing large chunks in the bowl. Restoring these missing pieces, and reducing the amount of wear on the pipe brought back more color and smoother features. Smoking was much more taboo back in the mid-1800s, even among soldiers. However, many soldiers partook in smoking from handmade or foraged pipes.

Damaged and Undamaged Cartridge Bag

This cartridge bag was made in 1862 and digital restored to what it might have looked like at that time. This asset was part of my original thesis prototype, researching the corrosion of various materials and the animation of texture image sequences.