Chair Model in 2 Styles

I took on the project of modeling a chair concept that was illustrated by illustrator, Antonella Martinez-Gugliotta. In her original illustration of a chair with pillows, I was drawn to the stylized proportions and colors. I immediately thought about my symmetrical approach to modeling and how it would be a good exercise for me to attempt to model this chair as a way to break out of that practice. I planned on re-creating both her stylized chair as well as a rendering of the same object with photorealistic materials as part of a turn-table render. 

As part of my reference gathering stage, I looked at various furniture designs and materials. While the original illustration told me what colors I would need for the stylized render, I had to make decisions about what the chair was made out of and how the surfaces would look in a photorealistic render. Based on my research I went with materials common to 1970’s furniture with textured fabric and wooden legs. 


Chair concept and illustration by Antonella Martinez-Gugliotta

Since I only had one illustration to model from, I dedicated my sketching process to creating alternate angles for 3D versions of the 2D shapes from the illustration. Length and width were easy to derive from the illustration, I took on the task of establishing the correct depth that would work with the design. 

Thumbnails 2.jpg
Thumbnails 1.jpg
Sketch 2.jpg
Sketch 1.jpg

The original chair illustration uses stylized colors. I wanted to recreate this aesthetic in 3D. This would allow me to experiment with toon shaders in Maya to create a turnaround of the chair. I also created a photorealistic set of textures to create a version that is grounded in reality but retains the overall dimensions from the illustration. 

Realistic Chair Render.png
Cartoon Chair Render.png