Olivia O'Shea Character Model

This character model was the final project out of a series designed to create a realistic character sculpt. Olivia O’Shea is a professor turned art thief in a fictitious game Heritage Heist. She must break into some of the world’s most famous museums and steal artifacts to pay back the organized crime family that is holding her indebted father hostage. However, once Olivia possesses the artifacts, she must contend with the history of how these were already stolen items, taken from cultures across the world and placed in museums. 

For my concept, I spent a lot of time studying facial features. This was the first project where I attempted to model a realistic human and I needed to recreate Olivia’s Chinese ancestry accurately. Part of my reference gathering process was curating photos of facial structure as well as apparel. 

Research 2.jpg

Since I plan to eventually rig and animate Olivia, drawing sketches of her in action was important to see how the character would move in an action pose. Sketching also allowed me to experiment with body proportions and establish a consistent turnaround sheet to block out my model.

Thumbnail Sketches.jpg
Sketch 2.jpg
Sketch 3.jpg
Sketch 1.jpg

This character model was the first in which I used retopology as the main basis for my character mesh. Instead of extruding from a base shape, I used Maya's quad draw tool to draw the correct topology for a human character over a set of primitive shapes that had been put in place to establish proportions. The following is a video of my blocking and retopology process. 

For the final character renders, I wanted to have realistic hair and skin. The Arnold render engine in Maya has a specific skin shader that I used. I also used Maya's Xgen tool to create and groom realistic hair. Olivia's eyebrows and eyelashes are also created with Xgen hair systems. 

Render 2.png
Render 3.png