Lighthouse Keeper Character Model

After seeing previews for the film The Lighthouse with Willem Dafoe, I was inspired to create a cantankerous old man who is the caretaker and resident of a flying lighthouse. This lighthouse is situated at the end of the lure of a giant sky angler fish. I plan to eventually animate a short film where the lighthouse keeper goes from a life of isolation to become a hero for a town in the mountains. 

This character model was a great exercise for me in character stylization. Pushing the proportions of my character in the sketching phase allowed me to create designs that were unhindered by topology constraints. I adapted sketches of the character as well as his main prop lantern so that they could be modeled in Maya. 

Lantern Sketches.jpg

The Lighthouse Character allowed me to experiment with Maya's Xgen hair system for the first time. I first attempted to sculpt the stylized mustache and eyebrows freeform but decided that creating underlying geometry for these hair systems was a more optimal path for my process. While the character does rely on stylized proportions, I wanted to ground my design in reality with realistic textures created with Substance Painter.