Danish Country Store

The Danish Country Store game environment was the final of a series of projects that centered around hard surface and foliage modeling techniques. I modeled objects that fit a design theme so that they would aesthetically fit together within the final environment. I chose to model assets for an audience familiar with architecture, furniture design, and natural environments common in Denmark. Each asset was researched, modeled, UV unwrapped, textured, and brought into Unreal Engine. 

My mood boards and reference photos provided enough information for the design of my assets. They also gave me a lot of variety to choose from. Assembling references for projects has become one of the most essential parts of my process. The more reference I have, the more informed my final design can be. 

Moodboard 1.jpg
Moodboard 2.jpg

For this project, I created a diverse set of sketches that would help push me in a unique design direction. Each piece of the environment needed to fit together, but I did not want each piece to feel as though it were designed or owned by the same person. The sketching process helped me diversify my design ideas. 

Thumbnail Sketches.jpg
Thumbnail Sketches 2.jpg
Sketch 2.jpg
Sketch 1.jpg

The layout of my environment resembles Micanopy Florida, a town near me. In this town, you have many different species of trees and foliage that create an enclosed hideaway city. I wanted to achieve that same effect in my final environment.